Brow products have the potential to dramatically change the shape and density of the eyebrows; the right kind can add balance and symmetry to one’s face. If you are interested in selling brow gels or brow powders, Classic Cosmetics can help you create a brow product that will certainly raise some eyebrows.

Brow products have long been sought-after cosmetics, as eyebrows are such a large and expressive element of the face. Classic Cosmetics produces brow pomades, brow powders & brow gels. Each brow product has a drastic impact on the look of eyebrows. Powders & Pomades help fill in and define your brows making your brows appear bold yet soft. Gels, on the other hand, offer quick and easy applications that will help your brows stay in place all day. Whatever you’re looking to produce, gel, powder or pomade, we have the facilities, expertise, and staff to create brow filler that provides your customers with full, beautifully shaped eyebrows.


Classic Cosmetics R&D team will work with you to exemplify your brand’s brow needs and help position you as a go-to for quality brow products in the beauty industry. Once we have your unique formulation finalized, we’ll utilize our 100,000-square-foot facility to produce a final product that not only accentuates the eyebrows, but looks great on a store shelf or online store.

Our powders are triple milled to crate the finest particle size ensuring even application, a texture that feels like butter and consistency. From 5kg -1,500 kg Classic Cosmetics has kettles that can accommodate a range of production runs.