Let Classic Cosmetics develop your next generation of pressed eye shadows. Our expert R&D staff will pull from the most current raw materials to create a soft, high pigmented and long wearing shadow. The sky is the limit with an array of colors from the most subdued nudes to an intense peacock blue. We will help your vision become a reality with over 29 years of expertise.

Adorning the eyes in pigments goes back as far as ancient Egypt and Greece. Thankfully, innovation and technology & raw materials have changed the products over time but eye shadows still remain an essential product in any woman’s make up kit.

The current consumer not only expects high quality they expect the pigment to be intense and blend able. Our R&D staff will work with you to achieve your ultimate eye shadow goals.


Most manufacturers will either triple mill or jet mill their powders. Each technique is different but the end result is the same: a powder that has been refined to ensure an even application of pigment and a powder that is silky to the touch.

We have recently expanded batching capacity and can accommodate up to 1,500 kg. Our facility currently houses 10 press machines and a collection of top and bottom plates to accommodate a wide variety of pan sizes and shapes. If we don’t have tooling for your specific pan needs our in house tooling department can create one for you.

An eye shadow is easily broken down into three categories:

  • A base: created from mica or talc
  • A binder: that helps the eye shadow adhere to the skin, provides lasting coverage and most importantly allows you to press it into a form like a pan.
  • Pigments & Pearls: to create a unique color in top tone and application