Classic Cosmetics manufactures a wide variety of lip products, from silicone and hand-flamed lipstick to lip masques, lip gloss and anything in between. With state-of-the-art facilities, quality ingredients, and decades of experience, Classic Cosmetics can manufacture a wide variety of appealing lip products to suit your specific needs and customer base.

The base formula for lipstick manufacturing (a mixture of waxes, oils, and pigments) has remained mostly unchanged throughout time. In recent decades, however, public demand for new and interesting varieties of lip products has prompted manufacturers to expand their capabilities dramatically. Classic Cosmetics strives to stay on top of these trends and manufacture the most current, trend setting lip products on the market today.

Each step in the process is done with the utmost care, as the delicate lipstick manufacturing process can fall apart with one misstep. Classic Cosmetics facility is ISO 22716 certified, meets OTC guidelines established by the FDA, and also complies with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP), so you can be sure your product meets the strictest standards in quality.

      Lipstick manufacturing calls for a four-stage process:

  • Pigment milling (the combination and mixing of pigments)
  • Combining the pigment phase into base wax
  • Molding, flaming (where sticks are placed near open-flames to melt a small layer of gloss)
  • Finally, packaging and labeling.

While the basic concepts of lipstick manufacturing have remained the same, it is more delicate and complex. Founded on creating Lipsticks, Classic Cosmetics has mastered the art of handcrafting and flaming the tubes of colorful art.

Classic Cosmetics in-house research and development department will ensure you get products specifically suited to your needs, whether you’re selling lip gloss to retail outlets or lipstick from your personal website.

Classic Cosmetics offers a variety of product types to ensure your lip products are consistent across the board and that you can offer your customers more of what they desire. You can expand your lip category to meet and exceed your demographics needs.

Classic Cosmetics offers tooling capabilities to create molds unique to your design needs and simplex fillers to allow for full range of filling in endless packaging options. Whatever your market, whatever unique lipstick you’re trying to emulate, Classic Cosmetics can deliver. A courteous and professional staff will work with you from the planning stages to delivery to ensure your product is what you ordered and that it arrives when you want it, whether you need hot pour lip gloss, lip masques, or anything in between.

If you’re looking for a professional lip product manufacturer to create a new line of liquid lipsticks, to jump on current trends, or expand your production capabilities, contact Classic Cosmetics, an ideal long-term partner for all of your enterprise makeup manufacturing needs. Lip products that people love are only made possible by a great manufacturer, and Classic Cosmetics has what it takes to deliver you the finest products possible.