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Many people have this same reoccurring question “What type of Foundation is better LIQUID or POWDER?” It can all be a matter of preference but believe it or not, if you’re not using the right foundation, with time your skin will go through some wear and tear without you even realizing.  Different foundations can cause other problems on your skin.

There are many key questions to know which type to use.

  • What type of climate are you in?
  • Is your skin oily or dry?
  • Is your skin red?
  • Do you have acne?

All these are key elements to take into consideration when choosing which is right for you.

Liquid Foundation is usually used to fully cover up your imperfections. Usually for medium to full coverage, depending on what type of skin you have.

foundationBenefits of using liquid are that they come in a wide variety of all skin types.

  • SPF sun protection
  • Moisturizing for dry skin
  • Age defying for lines and wrinkles
  • Matte finish for oily skin
  • Satin finish for dry skin
  • Oil based
  • Oil free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Tinted moisturizer
  • BB Cream
  • CC Cream
  • Cream to powder
  • Light to full coverage depending on how much you want to conceal

Powder foundation can be used to absorb the natural oils in your skin with lightweight coverage. They’re usually mineral based and can prevent your pores from getting clogged and cause less breakouts. Powders can be pressed or loose, each is a matter of preference. Its light coverage but layer it on with, a big puffy brush, and it conceals much more.

If you have acne prone skin, allergies and/or sensitive skin, mineral powders that are oil and fragrance free, help minimize breakouts and with time your skin will look and feel rejuvenated.

Here are a few types of Powders;powder-foundation

  • SPF
  • Jet mill grind for an even application
  • Skin brightening ingredients that adapt to your skin tone
  • Pressed powder with primer
  • Age defying
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Nonacnegenic
  • Cream to powder
  • Oil free
  • Fragrance free

Use both for a long wearing, that leaves your skin looking and feeling flawless. First, use liquid for full coverage. Second, use powder to add volume and give you the matte finish. Some powders mixed with the liquid can cause it to look cakey, but here is a trick to avoid that; after applying liquid wait a bit for it to dry, do you eye makeup in the meantime, then apply a light amount of powder. If you want a lighter feel try using a mineral veil or a CC cream instead.flawless-skin (1)

There you have it a bit of every foundation out there. You can try them all and see how they work for your skin.  Or just eliminate the ones that don’t benefit you from this list and see what your options are.

There is a foundation out there for you!

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