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Trying to apply your make up, but it’s not coming out right? You’ve used different products, yet the outcome is still the same? Have you tried using the right kind of brush to apply your make-up? That’s right; there are specially designed brushes for different uses in applying make-up. Don’t worry we’re not all beauty gurus, that’s why Classic Cosmetics is here to help.

If you’ve applied make-up before then you know it’s not easy to use the same brush for shimmers and mattes, or powder foundations versus liquid foundations. Mixing the two will not only leave your brush harder to clean but it also affects the way your make-up applies. Shimmers cross over into mattes and the mixture of a powder and liquid will not only leave your brush cakey but it will also leave streaks on your face when trying to apply, hence the reason you’re make-up does not apply evenly. Below are a few tips and tricks on which brushes to use.

Foundation Brushes:

foundation brush

Liquid foundation brushes are usually a bit longer and flat. This brush is perfect for blending the foundation onto the skin without that streaky- cakey look; instead you get a nice finished look.

Angled Brushes:

If you’ve paid attention to angled brushes there are many different types.

First most common brush is the concealer angled brush. Which is some girl’s favorite. It’s the best for under the eye. To conceal those imperfections such as acne, dark spots, or dark circles under the eye.

angled brushes 3

Second most common brush is the brow brush. It is ideal for filling in the brows, when using follow the arch of the brow to properly fill it in.

Third common angled brush is the definer brush (smaller one), for eyeliners.  Can be used to apply cream eyeliners and create the perfect cat-eye. It also can be used to blend pencil eyeliner or matte eye shadows to give it that faded smoky look.

Flat “fan” Brush:

This brush is similar to a fan which is why it’s called a “fan brush”. After you apply your eye shadow we always get this excess powder where we don’t necessarily want it, this brush is to get rid of that excess powder.  Just sweep from the corner of your eye outward to get rid of that unwanted powder.fan brush 2


Eye shadow brushes:

Have you ever paid attention to how many eye shadow brushes there are? Way too many, but all of these different type of brushes all have a purpose.e.s brushes

Small brush is the smallest of the bunch. This one is used to apply coverage on the base of your eyelashes that can’t be reached with the medium brush.

Medium brush can be used for your base color which is usually the first to apply.

Large brush can be used to blend all the colors together. Which is usually the last coat.

Corner brush is small and has a thin tip. It can be used to get those small hard to reach inner eye corners.

Crease brush is almost the same as the corner brush and a bit thicker but the same type of point.  This brush is my personal favorite. It’s used to add depth to your crease and give your eye that perfect arch.  This brush is perfect for that smoky eye crease.

Powder Brush/ Kabuki brush:

This brush is a large, round, full, and soft.  You can apply pressed powder foundation, blush, bronzers, and loose powder.  It’s used for large surfaces and for full coverage.


Cleaning and treating your brushes:

This step is important, we don’t realize it but when we don’t clean our brushes regularly  they build up bacteria, dead skin cells, old makeup, oils, dirt and debris. We should be informed of this in order to keep our face clean and avoid breakouts. Another reason you should maintain the cleanliness of your brushes is to keep them soft and so they last longer! Avoid them becoming rough and scratchy, it causes wear and tear on your skin throughout time and we don’t even realize it.

How often you should clean your brushes:

Foundation brushes: Minimum once a week

Eye shadow brushes: Every 2-3 days

Blush/ Bronzer brushes: Once a week

Eyeliner Brushes: After every use.

Different ways to clean your brushes:

  • One way of cleaning is brush cleaner with hot water. You can buy it at any department stores or Sephora.
  • Soap and hot water or shampoo and hot water.
  • *Vinegar and grease cutting dish soap and hot water. This one is sure to get the job done. You will be surprised to see all the makeup that is left in the water. How to properly clean your makeup brushes. A tablespoon of white vinegar in a cup of hot water, and a 20 minute soak with bristles faced down, followed by a hot, then cold rinse and pat dry will do it. Disinfects, dissolves grease/makeup, leaves no film, and inexpensive.

There you have it! A few of the most commonly used makeup brushes, how to use them and how to clean them. Stay tuned for future helpful tricks from your friends at Classic Cosmetics.

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