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Trends in cosmetics are as old as human beings themselves. The first written record of makeup shows that both men and women in 1st Dynasty Egypt were using a substance called unguent to moisturize their skin and protect it from the wrinkling and drying effects of the desert climate. Egyptian women also applied dark green color to their lower eyelids and kohl to their lashes and upper lids. Biblical women of the New Testament were believed to model their use of kohl after their Egyptian counterparts. Roman women added to the picture by using chalk to lighten their complexions and rouge to add color to their cheeks.

The desire to lighten the skin did not decrease over time. Women of the Italian Renaissance were so eager for that particular look that they used lead-infused makeup paint, with sometimes lethal consequences. The ladies of Restoration France and Regency England also added color to their cheeks with rouge, also favoring potions that contained poisons such as mercury, lead and arsenic. It was not until the first two decades of the 20th century that makeup as we know it, including mascara, powder blush and red lipstick, came into vogue. In the ensuing years, makeup trends continue to wax and wane. Take a look at some of the most recent and unlikely.

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Non-touring – Think of this s the “un-makeup.” The idea is to end up with a dewy, totally natural look that suggests that the wearer is cosmetics-free. Achieve it by first applying a luminous primer. Then apply a tinted moisturizer to even out your complexion and minimize blotches and tone differences. Finally, finish the effect by adding a highlighter to your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and your cupid’s bow. Thanks to the primer, you can pull off this natural look even on the steamiest of summer days.




Ear makeup – Long neglected and under-utilized, ears are coming into their own. Use cosmetics to set off your favorite earrings and cartilage jewelry. The sky is the limit with this trend, so experiment to your heart’s content.




Glossy eyelids – Looking to amp up the wattage of your eyes? You don’t need to spend next week’s salary on an expensive potion. Just apply whatever color catches your fancy. Then top it off with a smudge of lip gloss or Vaseline. Take that dewy look to the next level.




Gray lipstick – If you want to rock this unusual new style, you will achieve the best results by minimizing the makeup on the rest of your face. A low-key coat of mascara, perhaps a bit of black eyeliner and a touch of highlight on your cheeks will bring some vibrancy to your face. If full-on gray lipstick doesn’t work with your complexion, consider trying a shade with some brown or lilac undertones.




When you think about the concept of beauty trends, you probably focus mostly on fashionable colors and styles that change with the times. Paying attention to the latest beauty whims is a lot of fun, but you can also amaze yourself and your friends by learning some of the more unusual statistics that involve the world of makeup.


It might seem like it takes you forever to get ready for work on a Monday morning, much longer than you spend later in the week. Believe it or not, this isn’t your imagination. If you are like the average woman, you spend 76 minutes applying and tweaking your makeup on Monday and just 19 four days later on Friday. Is this because you look worse for the wear on Monday and become more relaxed and refreshed as the weekend approaches, or is it that your attitude becomes more lackadaisical as the days go by? Only you know the answer.


Do you feel naked without makeup? Apparently, one out of every three women agrees with you. A full 33 percent of females will not leave the house even to run the most basic errands without putting on their game face.


If you’re bored some time, count how many makeup products you own. We’re talking about lipsticks, foundations, blush, mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lip liner, highlighters and even nail polish. Although you have many cosmetic weapons in your arsenal, you most likely only use a very small percentage of them every day, around 12 percent.


American women lead the world in spending on makeup products, followed by Japan in second place and France in third. As developing countries become more westernized, chances are good that some of them will not be far behind.


With nail colors now available in every imaginable shade, it’s no wonder that nail polish sales are growing faster than those of any other cosmetic product. While many ladies love to pamper themselves with manicures and pedicures at nail salons, they often purchase a bottle of polish to take home. That way, unexpected chips and smudges can be repaired without making a time-consuming visit back to the nail technician.


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