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In today’s fast paced world having everything you need in a single palette makes your make up application so much easier. With so much to choose from what palettes will help you get the most bang for your buck. It all depends on what you are looking for?

Eyeshadow Palettes

An eyeshadow palette is put together by a brand with the intent of giving the consumer a range of complimentary colors that are easy to use but still cultivating the freedom to experiment with many different looks.

In 2010 Urban Decay launched their cult favorite the Naked Palette. A palette created from the premise of if you were stuck on a desert island what four shadows would you want. Twelve shades became part of a series of eyeshadow palettes that never disappoint.  Year after year they continue to expand upon the Naked Collection eye series and they never disappoint.

Too Faced continues to excite their consumer with palettes that not only entice the eyes but the senses as well with their “Sweet Peach Palette,” “Chocolate Bar,” and “Peanut Butter Jelly” eyeshadow palettes. Each palette has a carefully curated grouping of beautiful shadows and have a faint distinct smell matching the name of the palette.

Anastasia Beverly Hills never disappoints their fans with eyeshadow palettes collaborated with popular social media influencers or makeup artists alike. The products deliver high impact color in a variety of finishes, from ultra-matte to duo chrome, that are also available in customizable eyeshadow palettes.

Tarte, Smashbox, Mac Cosmetics and even mass market brands like L’Oreal and NYX all offer an array of eyeshadow palettes that meet the demands of every consumer.

Contour Palettes

While contouring is not new in the makeup world it is now less intimidating for the general consumer thanks to social media influencers around the world. Available in both powder, cream and stick formulations there is a contour kit available for newbies and pros alike.

Smashbox had a three well “Step by Step” powder contour kit that hit the market a few years ago. It has gained a lot of notoriety over the past few years after contouring became a hot trend. They answered their consumers’ needs by launching their “Step by Step” contour sticks for those looking for a cream base application.

Tarte Cosmetics also answered the needs of their followers by launching “The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer.” An exclusive launched just for Sephora, this lightweight artistry inspired stick promises to slenderize by creating the illusion of high chiseled cheekbones in just a matter of seconds.

Even Kat Von D won recognition with the launch of her “Shade + Light” contouring palette. Offering her followers the ability to contour and highlight with three options to highlight and shade your face.

The options are limitless for those makeup artist enthusiasts at heart that are looking to create dimension and depth in their everyday and glam makeup routines.

Brow Palettes

It is all about the brows and their ability to frame the face. Brows can be drawn on with a pencil, applied with pomade, or powder can be applied to the brow and then set with a wax. There are also brow gel options available in clear and also in color. It is a very personal choice in application, the state of your brows and the end users comfort level with the product itself. Brows are one of the top 10 products that woman purchase for their everyday makeup application.

Those companies that truly understand this growing market offer tips, tools and full kits to help consumers and makeup pros alike create the perfect brow to frame the face. Anastasia Beverly Hills is the brow queen and notably offers an array of products that address the needs of all their clients.

If you have been following Benefit they just hosted a huge event in Las Vegas to debut their latest and greatest to get your brow game on. Their website even walks you through a tutorial and suggests products to help with your specific brow issue. You can create your own palette of products or go with the traditional brow applicator and tweezer set that gives you a complete tut, provides a mirror for those of us who are on the go and helps you maintain your brows in between brow services.

Highlight Palettes

Social media encourages, if not demands, that you finish any glam look with a blinding highlight on the cheek bone, nose, and lip. While not new to the market, brands have reintroduced their highlight collections in both powder and creams to stay on point with the need to shine! Collaborations and collections are being created in an array of tones giving your complexion endless light and color looks for the perfect custom glow.

Most notably is Becca Cosmetics collaboration with Jaclyn Hill and the launch of “Champagne Pop.” An outstanding number of units were sold in record time upon their launch at Sephora. Jaclyn worked her magic with the Becca team again and is slated to launch another limited edition at the end of May. This time her collaboration offers a palette that features five shades of highlighter and blush to help enhance and illuminate all skin tones. A limited number of units were released on May 17 at her launch party and were sold out within an hour of her fans getting word that they were available on Sephora’s mobile app. With Jaclyn’s limited edition collection with Becca Cosmetics it will no doubt have record breaking sales and sell out as quickly as her first launch!

Color Correcting Palettes

Newest to the palette scene this year are color correcting palettes. These palettes help you correct and conceal imperfections prior to your foundation application. Lavender, green, yellow, peach, pink and orange all adorn these collections to hide a multitude of skin issues that you may have. All come with instructions that indicate not only what each color corrects but how to apply them as well. These palettes help you create flawless skin that is Instagram worthy!

Palettes are created by brands to provide you with a grouping of products to address just about every need. They enable the consumer to achieve their makeup goals in a series of carefully selected products and colors. They are convenient for travel, help take the guesswork out of creating looks and on the other side enable you to experiment with products or colors that you may have never considered before.

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