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Valentine’s Day 2013 is right around the corner. We women take stress fairly well the majority of the time. Our biggest concerns usually are the easiest to fix “what am I going to wear?”, “how should I do my hair”, “what should I get him as a gift?”, “will he surprise me to a nice dinner?”.  Well here is a dilemma we should not worry about I’ve got the answer right here.

Here are three looks you can never go wrong with:

Mysterious Smokey Eye:

You can never go wrong with a Smokey eye, making a statement with that deep seductive look to keep your significant other stuck in a daze.  See our previous post below on “How to get this Summers Hot Looks” posted July 18, 2012. Step by step on our Smokey Eye.


Mesmerizing Cat Eye:

Most girls have a problem putting this look together, simply because eyeliner isn’t the easiest to apply. Well, here is how to apply that hypnotizing look in 4 easy steps:


1.)    Using a waterproof pencil eyeliner, gently line the inner eyelash line top and bottom.

2.)    Use the same pencil to line the skin (upper lash line) where you want the liquid eyeliner to go.

3.)    Next, using the liquid eyeliner, make three evenly spaced spots on top of the pencil eyeliner and connect them, making the line as thick as you like.

4.)    Now, to create the tail, instead of following the top lid follow the bottom lid as if it was extending upwards, slowly tip the lineup. Thicken for a more dramatic look.

Be more daring and add a red lip to it. See previous post on how to get “Our Perfect Red  Lip”  posted July 18, 2012.


Romantic Classy Look:

Playing it “safe” is never a bad thing, but let’s play it safe while still looking sexy. Try matching up a peachy shade as a base eye shadow with a light brown shade on the crease and outer edges. Blend it for a more finished look. Use a soft blush and top your look with your favorite lipstick.


The best part about make-up is you can never really go wrong, easily add more or remove a bit.

While you and your special somebody are sitting having a glass of wine, paired


with an appetizing dinner and a nice fire place in the background. He won’t stop gazing into your ‘oh so seductive eyes’. Mission accomplished!

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