Responsible Sourcing

Classic Cosmetics is proud to have become one of the first Contract Manufacturers to have become a Supply Chain Partner of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). We have taken steps wherever possible to convert much of our palm oil derived raw materials to RSPO mass balance, to support and promote the growth and use of sustainable palm oil products through credible global standards. We have developed transparent, safe, and responsible Supply Chain sources for our raw materials in order to help support your compliance with a variety of distribution channels including Credo®, Sephora® or Whole Foods® claims for “Clean” beauty.

Sustainable Packaging

Committed to bringing your packaging or display ideas to life, our Domestic and International packaging partners follow strict quality controls. They are G7, ISO 9001/14001, FSC chain of custody and GMI certified and follow best practices for reproducing consistent high-quality printing for primary and secondary packaging, as well as displays. We have a devoted team of experienced professionals to provide detailed attention to your packaging or display during the manufacturing process. Whether you are looking for recycled, upcycled, recyclable, compostable or reusable, we will find the eco-friendly primary and secondary packaging that meets your needs and goals.


Made in the USA

As a proud member of the California Manufacturing Technology Consulting group (CMTC), we are pleased to offer our Clients the opportunity to use our Made in California seal. Supporting local businesses and U.S. manufacturing is core to our beliefs and we are proud to partner with our clients in this cause.


Employee Work-Life Balance

We further recognize that our most valuable resource is our employees. It is our responsibility to actively support and promote a work-life balance for all of our team members. We recognize that time allocated for the pursuit of other areas of life outside of work makes for a more balanced and happier environment. Each one of our team members plays a vital role in our success, which ultimately translates to supporting our client’s success.